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Pagan Pathfinders                           

Jean Williams held Pagan Pathfinders in the living room of her London home almost every Monday night for over 30 years. Conceived as a Pagan seekers group, it evolved into so much more than that. Using her background in psychology and her interest in the human potential movement, she guided many earnest seekers through meditations, group work and ritual. The aim was to learn about ourselves and the energies of the magical world around us. The group successfully helped many people to develop their interest in a nature-based spirituality and to expand their minds and utilise their own potential. It also created lasting friendships and wonderful memories.

The group was open to all, not exclusively those interested in Wicca, so members had a chance to learn from each other about different Pagan paths. Many tools were used such as guided meditations (pathworkings), tarot interpretation, astrology, creative writing, dance and attuning. 

Jean decided to write a book, strongly encouraged by previous group members, to pass on the techniques of Pagan Pathfinders, as well as explaining some of the psychological theories behind the work. Her aim in doing so was to inspire others to create such groups and the book provides the basic tool kit for doing so. It is a valuable resource in a time when more and more people are yearning to rekindle their connection with nature and with each other through shared seasonal celebrations.  The book is due to be released soon under the title ‘The Golden Bubble: A Pagan Pathfinders Workbook’. 

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