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Coven Today                                       

The Bricket Wood Coven is still very much alive and working today, presided over by Ruth and Jon, the current High Priestess and High Priest.  The passing of Jean (2015) our long standing High Priestess and then her husband Zach (2019),  who had been the High Priest of the coven  for over 50 years, was of course a major shock and source of sadness to all members, but they left a fantastic legacy of rituals and exercises in addition to those which were passed down to them from Gerald Gardner,  which combine to form a rich part of the coven’s practice today.

For almost 50 years the coven was based at their Crouch End house. Today we are still based in North London, working from our own dedicated Coven Temple.  We are also custodians of the coven tools – which have been passed down from Gerald Gardner through the succession of High Priestesses’ and High Priests and have been imbued with the coven energy.

Our ritual practice is empowered by our coven history, which strengthens and shapes our growth and development.


In recent years the coven has changed with new members joining. What hasn’t changed is the powerful Group Mind of the coven which binds all members together in a common bond of love and light and creates a unique feeling of empathy and connectivity between all coven members.

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