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Pagan Dawn

Witchcraft and Wicca magazine published by the Children of Artemis


The Pagan Federation (UK)

PFI International

The Children of Artemis

Doreen Valiente Foundation


Recommended Books                                                          

There are literally hundreds of books on Witchcraft; some good, some bad and some mixed and far too many for us to list or review.  So below are a few books we have read which we think are very useful reading for people wishing to learn about the Craft.  There are of course many other good books which we have not listed.


Wicca – The Old Religion in the New Age - by Vivianne Crowley

Complete Book of Witchcraft  -  Raymond Buckland

Witchcraft – A Tradition Renewed – John Evan Jones

Doreen Valiente - Witch - Philip Heselton

The Rebirth of Witchcraft – Doreen Valiente

Lid Off the Cauldron - Patricia Crowther

Aradia – Gospel of the Witches - Charles Leland

Triumph of the Moon  - Ronald Hutton

The Play Goes On: The Rituals of the Rainbow Bridge - Zachary Cox, Jean M Williams & friends.

The Gods Within: The Pagan Pathfinders Book of God and Goddess Evocations - Jean M Williams and Zachary Cox

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